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Hi, I'm Charles Steiner.

enterpriseDIY.com is my enterprise software blog.

enterprise diy logo. I have used open source software to build businesses on a tight budget and it has taught me a lot about computing along the way. It's not just the software that I'm fond of but the helpful communities that form around these projects.

Open source software is free to use and assistance from the community is free, but I believe users should give back however they can. Some contribute code, some write documentation, and people are active in forums.

enterpriseDIY is my contribution to introduce people to projects that use and help people get started running their own business services.

Open source software is not only free but highly configurable with a little effort you can create a virtually seamless integration between your services both in appearance and function.

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 Some of what you'll find on enterpriseDIY:

  • Email servers
  • CRMs (customer relationship manger)
  • CMSs (website framework)
  • PBX phone systems
  • VPNs (virtual private network)
  • Analytics
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Hosting (dropbox clone)
  • HRM software (human resource management)
  • Integrations with popular commerical services such as PayPal, DocuSign, and others
  • Linux tips and server management